Rose and Ale

Pot of Curry “Smell the Difference”

Pot of Curry: a takeaway selling Indian cuisine and is situated at Spargs Mall

only 15 minutes from Rose and Ale.


Spicy, rich, flavourful, and diverse are the best words to describe the food prepared by Pot of Curry. They specialize in Indian cuisine ranging from Bunny Chows, Rotti’s filled with flavour, Samosas, both sweet and savoury, Curry beef and mutton and Butter chicken. 


We loved the Bunny Chows with a lamb filling, the Rotti filled with curry beans and the Butter chicken. For dessert they make the most fantastic Malva pudding samosa, yes, that is correct, a Malva samosa, you must try it! 


Indian cooking is considered one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, with the traditional use of varied spices and ingredients. Pot of Curry uses a lot of their unique blends and family secrets, which is what makes them a step above other Indian takeaways.


With excellent service and friendly staff, food that makes your mouth water and brings alive all five senses, you can’t go wrong with Pot of Curry! 

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